Q-Cell® Technology

Q Therapeutics is developing innovative cell therapies for debilitating CNS diseases by boosting the body’s natural support and repair mechanisms to restore neuron function and health

When it comes to the brain, neurons (nerve cells) are only half the story. In fact, in many regions of the brain, neurons are significantly outnumbered by non-neuronal cells called glial cells (glia).

Though glia have often been overlooked, their existence and the functions they perform are critical for normal neuron function. In addition to producing the extracellular support matrix that holds neurons in place, glial cells also:
  • Provide neurons with nutrients and growth factors
  • Remove toxins and cellular debris
  • Protect neurons from damage and modulate the body's immune response
  • Produce myelin, a fatty substance that insulates the electrical impulse-transmitting axons of neurons


Put simply, without healthy glia, neurons cannot function normally and eventually die.

A growing body of research on the significance of glia is driving the paradigm shift that informs and supports Q Therapeutics’ cellular therapeutic approach to treating diseases of the central nervous system (CNS, or the brain and spinal cord). Our technology and products focus on augmenting or replacing the population of glia in the CNS to support, maintain or restore neuron health.
Q-Cells® – our first cellular therapeutic candidate – are human glial progenitor cells that give rise to two types of specialized glial cells, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.